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2C2P is an e-commerce payment provider offering innovative payment processing solutions for businesses in Asia-Pacific.
Payments, E Commerce
Product Description

2C2P is an international payment processor that works with all credit card organizations worldwide, as well as with numerous acquiring banks across Asia. We offer a simple and efficient way to access to all the necessary payment partners via a full-featured gateway that integrates seamlessly with your business. 2C2P’s intelligent payment routing, robust fraud management and detailed business intelligence mean accepting payments become simpler, safer and more efficient.

2C2P provides alternative (non-credit card payments) for businesses who wish to empower their customers by offering the ability to pay off-line, over-the-counter, or through online direct debit. 1-2-3 service is a simple and secure payment method that uses a ubiquitous network of over 20,000 payment locations (cash collection points) throughout Thailand.

  • Series A
    January 2011
    Digital Media Partners
  • Series B
    January 2014
    GMO Ventures, undisclosed investor
For investors only
  • Digital Media Partners
  • GMO Ventures
  • undisclosed investor