Growth Hacking Toolkit For Mobile Apps

Product description

App Virality is a Growth Hacking Toolkit For Mobile Apps. It helps mobile focused businesses to add growth hacks into their apps without having to code any further. They can enable / disable / configure any kind of hack at any point of time and it just takes a minute, allowing them to focus on core functionality of the app.

A/B testing and In-detailed analytics help them figure the right growth for a particular app at that particular point of time.

We already built all the popular growth hacks, which otherwise takes lot of time and money for businesses to build. Moreover nobody knows what would be right hack at a particular point in time, businesses can't afford to play trail and error game.

App Virality helps business to

1) Add Virality within seconds
2) Incentivize customers and retain them
3) Collect feedback / Surveys / Reviews in-app
4) Increase App Downloads
5) Identify top Influencers
6) A/B Testing and location based incentives

Single Dashboard help them rule everything.

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