Product description

Dropmysite currently has three products to backup data in the cloud.

1. Dropmysite is the most comprehensive website/database backup solution in the cloud service. It is the guaranteed way to make sure your websites/databases are safe.

2. Dropmyemail, a award-winning Cloud-to-Cloud email backup solution, that is perfect for all your personal, SME or enterprise email backup needs.

3. Dropmymobile is the one-stop app to backup everything in a
smartphone. Users can now be free from worrying about losing their phones, juggling multiple devices or prying eyes!


Dropmysite comes with automatic backups, one-click downloads, military-grade security, monitor website performance and much more

Safeguard website and databases from:
- hacking
- web / server outages
- website crashes

Dropmyemail prevents common email worries like deleting vital emails, server crashes, hacking and more; which makes it necessary to securely backup all emails.

With this solution, you will get:
- Advanced email backup management
- Email usage reports and audits
- Military-grade security
- Unlimited storage
- One-click download / migrate / restore
- Email Insights

With Dropmymobile, users will be able to:
- Backup, Migrate and Restore phone content
- Run 'Paranoid' mode for increased privacy
- Backup multiple devices under one account


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John Fearon
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