Kairos Watches

Kairos Watches

Kairos Watches is the world's first mechanical smart watch hybrid.


Product description

Kairos Watches combines centuries old traditions of mechanical movement engineering with state of the art technologies to create the world's first "mechanical smart watch hybrid". Watches, especially men's watch, is all about image statement. It's our belief that an "image statement" is comprised of three main things: how it looks (fashion), what the brand represents (story), and what value it carries. The only way all of this is possible is to maintain the freedom of design (current all-electronic smart watches limits how it can be designed), and also incorporate mechanical components and movements inside the watch in order to carry value.


The core technology that Kairos Watches utilizes are TOLED film displays or "Transparent OLED" displays and micro beam projector modules. Both of these technologies allows the glass to stay transparent (44% for TOLED, 85% for Projector), which is important to maintain design freedom (the inner components of the watch must be visible). A mechanical movement sits directly below. At the bottom of the watch, PCB and battery components power the entire device and also communicates with a companion smart phone via Bluetooth.

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Kyo-Young Jin
Founder At Kairos Watches
Ryan Jongchan Lee
Founder At Kairos Watches
Jay Jaehyun Shin
Founder At Kairos Watches
Sam Yang
Founder At Kairos Watches


Taeyup Kim
Investor At Kairos Watches
Kevin Huh
Investor At Kairos Watches


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